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About Me


My career in costume has been a roundabout one.

I've been creating and sewing since I can remember. I learned through my early years in creating costumes that sometimes the best way to figure out how to do something is to just try it. I tried all sorts of things, learning traditional sewing and crafting from my mom and grandmas, and occasional experimenting with props with my dad. However, it was not until I was altering and making costumes and costume props for the dance studio I attended that I even considered pursuing costume as a career.

From there I began taking courses in costume making and fashion and costume patterning, before moving to the UK to attend university. My 3 years in the Design for Performance BA(Hons) course at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama were an incredible experience. I had the ability to explore and create and learn lots of different methods and styles. It taught me that there's more than one right way to create something, and that thinking outside the box is sometimes the best way. I love the excitement of variety in costume; the joy of creating something spectacular that makes the actor feel great and brings the character to life.

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